Monday, November 10, 2014

Leave my Body.

Hi Loves !
Leaving Brussels tomorrow... I always have such a blast. Customers are nice, people organizing the International Tattoo Con too: so that's perfect.
Even if I had a tiny situation at the start... It's one of those times when you trust enough the website of a hotel to think it will be the same... but jeez it was awful.
A friend of mine told me then that this hotel is like for the people cheating on their partners and all. Oh great.
so very happy I changed ! haha

Whenever you're planning a trip to Brussels do not go to the Queen Ann Hotel! I don't even want to waste time putting up their link, ugh.
Thought it will be a bit vintage... Well seems that I prefer my new 29 floors big 4* hotel , yes I do !

I am very thrilled to present you this new series from Marion Colombani perfect French photographer and make up by Bellinda .
It speaks out my new way of styling up myself in which I feel like I really fit in ( after Tomato Soup post consideration) .

Coat: H&M Trend (Superior products available on few selected stores)
White oversized top: Uterque (from my Barcelona Haul !)
Zara Trousers (also from Spain)
Pull and Bear fake leather slippers (and ... again !)

Well, on this brand new start for me I wish you all a very happy and crazy (otherwise not funny) week to you all!



  1. Such a gorgeous outfit - that coat is unreal! The black and white photos are so stunning - your cheekbones are amazing. x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

  2. Goodness, you are a living muse if there was, darling Lorna. I swear, and I know I've said similar things before, but they're so powerfully true they warrant repeating, you can pull off so many diverse styles with an almost surreal ease and sense of natural-ness to them. Vintage, brooding and dark, modern and vibrant, avant-garde, the sky is the limit. Here you look serene and serious, contemporary and artful, and as always, are so very inspiring.

    ♥ Jessica


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