Tuesday, April 28, 2015

London with my Bro

Sometimes you found someone very funny and whenever you want to explain why you like spending time with this person you can't. It just seems natural.
When you like something whether you are a selfish lover you don't care and want to share that one thing you really like with: not the whole world but at least with your friend.
Friendship is something not that easily "describable" it's this relationship where you can be yourself and still having some hidden parts which will remain deep, and nobody cares.
Nobody cares because that's enough. You can give whatever you want, that will always be enough.

But as it seems strong and it also seems secondary to the other facts of your life keep in mind , it is one thing you should cherish because when comes the time that something is broken you realize too late that , jeez how we laughed !

I ; too often ; belayed and put apart my friends , I know now how different I should behave because it is something much discreet that you can't realize how for real it is building you up and giving strength.

Those pictures where taken in Brick Lane, with my mate Nordine Makhloufi and shot by Magda Runiewicz.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Rain on my Parade

Hello Dears! This is a rather rainy post , where my hair managed to stay still at the time of the photoshoot (fuck yeah). I was glad to see my photo friend Gabrielle Malewski who shot this series, before she had to leave for Australia (she's blessed!).
I will show you quite a very full corporate outfit : all Stories shaped up!
For those who doesn't remember I started this second job (or first sometimes) in October and I'm still very happy about what it brings to me.
Although I am feeling very tired these days, and mixing two or three jobs together can often let you the impression that you are exhausted all the time... aka Burn Out ; ô you my love...
But let's not talk about this.

  Make Up Details from &Other Stories shop 36 rue Montmartre Paris

I used a simple dip Brown liner from Stories, and the Eyeko Sport  Waterproof Mascara.
Very handful on weather like this! 
I added some Primrose Dust shade on the eyelid and with the Artist and Universal Eyeshadow Brush blent some Raisin Vapor right at the external corner of the eye.
The foundation base is All Day Foundation also from Stories, but not available on the website (color 1&2). 
Cheekbones are revealed with Voile Pink Blusher; and lips by Farandine Red.


Alright, the boots are from Zara (no link items sold out)
And the opened back Dress from Stories, 75€
Wool socks from Canada (gift)

and a glimpse of my new tatt by Gabriele Pais (meow)

Dear Lord, I'm so tired I now have wrinkles. Look ! haha