Sunday, February 07, 2016

Fish & Hips

Hello Dears,
As you can relate by this last set I've moved forward now from a new way of wearing some girly stuff: make up and all.
I, still, like when sometimes I want to wing back my black eye liner above my eyelid but clearly I have a new routine (I just realized I wanted to talk about it and never did : this is what happens when you stop blogging as oftenly as you did).
I like to focus on having a clear and unified skin, before trying any thing fancy. I go out on parties (which I didn't before) and messing up with the balance of your sleep , makes your skin go... Uh; dirty. So, first thing that I advise you is removing make up. Haha no kidding.
Worst tutorial ever, you know!

Anyway, I take care of this uni skin and then, often put on only some mascara and some very nude lip shade. And that's all. Pretty simple right ? But now if I do something else , I feel very fancy (or disguised haha).
And I am more okay with what and how nature made me look like. It's some sort of self acceptation too but physical in a way! I had some complexes and now I just laugh at them.
Few times, I heard in a very hesitating voice, some girls telling me " but Lorna did you know you have some duvet stache just there" "you should make it remove" ... Well yes I know. And you know what, haha, I don't care. I like it cause it's mine! And then I blink.
You know; norms.


Thrift Shirt from the CherryCameto
Skinny Fit jeans from COS (already mentioned)
Oily Black Heels from &Other Stories

All Pictures by Clementine Passet

See you soon !


  1. Sympa la chemise !

  2. j'adore ta tenue, elle te va tellement bien <3
    et tes chaussures, piouuu ! tuerie
    (mlle chamalow)

  3. Very cool look! I totally dig how you've turned the oversized shirt into a belted tunic of sorts by layering over a fitted top. Wonderful styling and what a fabulously fun novelty pattern!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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