Monday, September 18, 2017


Hello Dears,

This week end I went to the Smmmile Vegan Pop Festival with Morgane, a work colleague, and it was rad !
We ain't vegan but let's say vege-friendly. Always a good thing to learn about ecology though 🌱🌱

(In order from the pictures)

I met Natou from @Natoushop she's a stylist and crazy vintage look inspirer. On her Instagram she posts some outfits and clothes she's selling but also donating sometimes ! She doesn't want to buy new but recycle fashion mostly.
There was my friend Anne Verhague doing some make up at a really small price (even though she's a great make up artist !) to promote some vegan make up products. I already had some make up on so I couldn't try, such a shame.
We stopped at the Dr Martens Photo Booth corner (even though we have one in our shop...) presented here thanks to its vegan shoe line. The material is made from plastic but very soft and not like the faux-leather you can find everywhere. The glue used is also coherent with the Vegan chart.

Plim is a real discovery ! I already heard about the menstrual cup, but I had the chance to ask questions about the periodic protection. I thought it would stink but in fact the plastic used in the ones commercialized in supermarkets make it worth ! The fabric maintains the smell and there are some buttons to roll it before you wash it. From a light to a super absorbant protection it's around 14 to 27€.

Drops concept store is all about ecologic ingredients in cosmetics. I was mostly intrigued by its deodorant which are mainly made from shea butter and really nourishing but can also stop sweating... I haven't try though. ( deodorant from 13€)

What I loved and bought (at last!) was a washing powder dose from Mamie Cendrine. It's cruelty free and handmade I'm looking forward to try in the next machine !

We ate like queens at the booth of Jay & Joy a vegan dairy store in Paris; I didn't even know they had a shop ! It's not cheese so don't expect anything like it but the one I preferred was kind of similar to some feta if you spread it. Yummy ! (fake cheese around 5€)

And to finish the day I had a tattoo... I was so excited ! The tattoo artist is Katie McPayne and she uses vegan cruelty free ink. She's also a hell of woman this is purely an abstract feeling but I love what draws out from her energy.
Go check her work !


(I was so cold at this time...)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Hello Dears,

it's pouring here in Paris and I'm again feeling there's no such place like home.
Not that I'm feeling down; no in fact I'd rather party these days... But there's something going wrong in my work environment and I can't wait to get this sorted out. 
You know when you feel that there is a new cycle coming with some changes that have to happen but you just need to wait...
I'm feeling like I'm at the airport waiting for the gates to open.

i hope I'll be bringing some good news soon.

For the moment this is a quick outfit shot by Karine Lopes , wearing some vintage finds and a small satchel from DressLily.

Shop it here  !


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Biotyfull Box // September SPOIL UNBOXING

 Hello Dears !

This is totally the kind of post I never do ... And I forgot why , but now it makes sense... I definitely suck in taking pictures.
Anyhoo! I wanted to show you my new Box from Biotyfull Box. I reckon it's only delivered in France but maybe the brands and products could suit you ...

It's all about organic and made in France cosmetics.
I usually don't pay really attention for cosmetics/ hygiene as long as I like the smell, the texture, the colour... But in March I had a real allergy to some stuff I bought in a very big and cheap store
 * cough - Primark- cough *
So I was like okay that's enough I think it's time to use real products like the Ladies do.

My 3 fav from this month box :

 - The serum ; I use it under each make-up now ! It gives you some glow and lightens your skin before foundation : +++

- The body lotion ; I tend to use it each morning but it's quite long to get into your skin. Although I enjoy the scent ! ++

- The face scrub; which I also use every morning in the shower ! It's delicate and have a really milky aspect which is cool for a scrub. The peeling action is not too rough for once !

(My boy watching me do my very boring stuff you know ...)

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Bad Jewels // uncensored version

Hello Dears,

Hope you are all very well; I'm pretty good those days I feel like a new era that is starting !
For starters there will be some changes in my work; I don't know exactly how but I can feel it haha: of course I will tell you asap.
Then, I'm also happy with my relationships it was a long road for it ! A lot of changes, you know some people go and other stay...

Here is a little series of pictures I've done with Karine Lopes. I'm wearing some jewels from Zaful.

I always wonder whether it's a good idea or not to show boobies on the internet but as long as the nipples are prohibited from everywhere I figured why not ! I'm proud of being a woman and I will not hide (even from the internet haha!).

That's all for now,