Monday, November 13, 2017

International Brussels Tattoo Con #2017

(sorry for the first blurred photo I promised the following one are better !)

Hello Dears,

For the 5th year I was invited to come to the Brussels Tattoo Con and even if it pasts so quickly I had a blast like every year !

I was next to the barbers this year (finally!) so we had a very cute spot. The only bad thing was that we again were next to the Lounge area and of course there were no tons of people around here.
I definitely prefer to be next to the main stage (even though I don't think my ears appreciated it..) or to the toilets !
You can laugh but it was kind of really good spot haha.

The good point was that this year the lounge area was made like an Urban corner with some ramp skate, exhibitions and live graffiti walls. Even though I'm not a huge fan it was the most hip hop corner and I thought this was really missing to the Con. So that's perfect now !
Tattoo's a melting pot for loads of different cultures it's really cool that it's not only represented by metalheads ! Even though I'm not far from being one ...

A lots of my hair customers told me it was their first time at the Con and that they were surprised on how mixed it is. Both two ladies told " it's like they are no more social class" .

More Tattoo Con like this please ! <3

the famous vintage cars and bikes exhibition

Piet du Congo exhibit  , one of my tattoo artist was fond of his work (Bouits)

I knew I saw this painting somewhere... then I realize it was another artist of mine who painted this! (Brendan Tangel)

This year not some latex collection but Fred Kyrel and his models were there ; fashion shibari everyone ! ;)

See you next year Brussels ,




Thursday, November 02, 2017

New Black Age

Hello Dears,
No I'm not turning 22! It's just popped up on the picture haha, not that I want to mention my age: it's actually my birthday soon though ...
Every kind of presents would be appreciated ! No I'm kidding. Maybe I'm not. Okay I'm too tired to make some jokes.

I finally got promoted for the brand I work for, and this is a very good start / or ending of 2017 as you want. I was waiting for this really hard, and I'm so happy about it!
I now have more responsibilities in the management team and it's quite exciting.

Shoes are from Underground creepers 

(The best creepers to me !)

Bag from DressLily 

Dress is from Rosegal
(i made the mistake not to iron it first, don't do that... I have no idea it was this creased)

Belt (thrift)
Choker from H&M


Thanks to Karine Lopes for the pictures again!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Retro in the streets

Hello Dears !

Weather is going crazy here, sun is shining until nearly november ... World's end is coming soon i suppose ! Haha, didn't wanted to freak you out -oops- so I enjoyed this sunny day to show off this little found from LindyBop.
I don't wear a lot of reproduction of vintage dress but this one actually made me very happy when I found it. I like its simple fitted line and the details downwards with the opening on the white colour.

Dress from LindyBop
Bag (thrift)
Shoes from New Look (see Tartan look!)

Hair Fascinator by Jazzafine <3


Thanks to Karine Lopes for the pictures !