Sunday, March 18, 2018

Teal for Fears

Hello Dears,

I hope you're all well. It's crazy here: still snowing in Paris and I'm heading to Tenerife in two days ! I swear I'm gonna have a heat shock when I'll be back haha. You can see it's a bit windy on the pictures in fact ...
My holidays are starting nicely, I've been shopping around in St Michel (where I didn't go for months even when living in Paris - I always stay in the same area lol) wandering in vintage shops which I haven't been doing these days. Lately, I mainly buy online ; but this time I also went in some occasion books and cd store, not only thrift shopping.
I have to admit I'm a bit bored when shopping clothes :
 1, cause I have toooo many and a very small flat
 2, because i don't want to wear stuff I may have seen on other people
 3, I never stay in the same shape more than a month ^*^


Vintage Jacket
Deandri, the Nosferatu dress
Andre shoes (old collection)
Promod velvet clutch bag

Jazzafine hairclip


Thanks to Emeline Hamon for this photoshoot <3

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Hello Dears,

I hope you're all very well. I'll soon be in holidays I just can't wait ! Before telling my adventures here is a lil' internet discovery (always with attractive prices ;)
You can buy in lots of different currencies.
From dresses to shoes, you will also find some lingerie and swimwear. 
And their sales starts at $1,95 !

This brand is Yoins Clothing and I found few items I wanted to share:

* this long sleeve dress, very trendy

& also very pretty online fashion ladies top 


Sunday, March 04, 2018


Hello Dears,

Soon soon : ho-li-daysss <3

I 've already been on vacation alone and now it's time for some once more !
 I remember when I was in Barcelona or somewhere else and I'd took some time for myself; I thought at first I'd be bored but after one day of getting used to this... I've really enjoyed! It's like disconnecting with the crazy work routine from Paris.
And the social media ...
Starting to meditate under the sun : I can't wait!
And if this turns out not too be that cool than in my memories;
I figure I'm gonna finish some readings !


Disturbia dress
Dr Martens mini cross socks
Dr Martens 8053 shoes

Lipstick is matte from Sephora and on the eyes : Sweet Peach from Too Faced ✨

Thanks to Karine Lopes for this pictures again <3

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Little Black Dress

Hello Dears,
Just a quick post about this dress that I loved to shoot with Tin NyaoNyao <3
I was dying to post it before but hopefully it's finally queuing on SG so let's hope this set will make it through haha
I don't know if you're familiar with Suicide Girls but you must be selected to queue then selected again to make the front page and become a "real" SG ;)
I'm still at the hopeful step , but I actually enjoy just testing new projects : hope you'll like the dressed pictures !

btw i'm heading soon to anticipated summer holidays : i'm soooo excited <3


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another brick in the Wall

Hello Dears,

Sooo it has been nearly 5 weeks of medicine free now ... Well, I won't say it's easy ! I'm struggling with up and downs this week ..ugh That I haven't missed AT ALL!
But also: on the bright side ...
I have been creative all this week omg 
I cannot believe it. It might seems normal for you but you cannot imagine how hard it is when you have a creative mind and that some drugs take it away for you in attempt of making you feel better.
I've been drawing, writing, singing, make my own cosmetics, cleaning my home (not creative but it takes some motivation haha) , cooking, practicing card reading, and I've finally made a note to rent my car park : which I've been postponing for like err a year ?!

So this is a positive week don't you think ? 🌞


Beret & Heart knee-high socks from Dolls Kills
Bracelet from Cheap Monday
Vintage coat
Body top from Asos
Vinyl skirt by Primark
Lipstick by Limecrime // Chocolate Bar from Revolution

& Buffalo shoes (i died when my friend Clem sold me hers ... thanks again <3 )

I thank my fabulous photographer Virginie Z, for these pictures xxx