Sunday, July 16, 2017

Random lifestyle

Hello Dears,
I'm currently in South of France with my friends ! So, actually a bit busy doing .. hm: nothing haha.
But that's a good thing cause it's very difficult for me , just to let go.
These are some random pictures I love from Thomas Depaepe.

The bathing suit below is from Rosegal !

 Love, and lot of sun


Sunday, July 09, 2017

Urban Bubblegum

Hello Dears,
So it has been one week that I've taken the new meds and also that my girl went away to Israel.
And I'm doing ok ! It' s so comforting to realize that you can deal with life by yourself when everything was falling apart just before ...

I just bought a very easy reading magazine earlier and enjoyed going through it with some sunshine on my terrace. Simple things can tear you up sometimes.

Although : little note I had to add, I have to change the pills cause they are making me completely slow and I don't want this: it helped my mind not my body... Sometimes you have to choose well I decided I will find an other way !


Lipstick from Nyx
Bracelet shopped on a market
Sunglasses from Topshop (old)
Top from New Look
Skirt from Richard Kahl (independent shop in Paris)
Shoes from Zara



Photocredits: Virginie Zilbermann

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Rain on Sunday, sunrise on Monday

Hello Dears,

I hope you are all enjoying a fresh and nice summer. In Paris, it's in fact raining one day and blue sky the next day. But I reckon you'd rather have a look at a light colorful photoshoot, so here it is !
I shot with Thomas Depaepe, whom I haven't seen in a while and it was cool chatting with him.
He, who I haven't seen since my break-up with my longest relationship, should I mention the last time he did saw me I just had lost like 20 kgs: and now I gained like more than 10; I believe.
But enough about my weight in every blogpost (I'm so sorry but that is completely obsessing me I cannot deny) let's speak Love ... Ahaha. Dr Lorna Love; no just kidding.

Although, I have to say that this is a topic which makes me also rain one day and rise the next one...
I'm having personality and mood troubles and it is even more accentuated when I'm in love. The good part for the beloved is that I cannot hide when I'm into you: but the not really enjoyable part is ... well: every other failures from my mind "mis-control". Like I can act really crazy (remember the height level of a girl who is crazy vs is hot: well that's totally it!) and not act like it the next morning or worse not even remember it.
So, my doctors gave me a new med I hope it'll help make me stabilize.
I'll tell you !


Yellow vintage dress from Yvonne & Georgette
Heels from Zara (old)

Suede lipstick from Nyx (12)



Photo credits: Thomas Depaepe

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Hi Dears ,

Here is the last series I've shot with my friend Graziella and I love it !
The lingerie is from I was so happy when I received the package.
It was sent in a tiny pocket to protect it , and the sizing was correct.
I love the choice they propose on the website.



Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pere Lachaise et bleu layette

Hello Dears,
I hope you're all fine. It's finally summer in Paris and Parisians are avoiding their town ...
I feel like the roads are often empty it's weird, but it makes me want to go on holiday too now !
With my girls we're gonna plan a little trip in the South of France; and I've never been there so I'm pretty thrilled!
I want the sea, the shorts, the outfits you never get to wear in Paris because you're always "doing something", I want my feet in sandals I want no schedules I want to wake up when I wish to.
I know it's temporary and that makes it even more enjoyable , don't you think ?

My girlfriend already spent two weeks in the south with her family , I was afraid of being without her that long but it went okay; so that comforts me for the next step ... She's going away for a month in Isreal: a month !
I'll try to stay pretty active to make it less painful haha (wish me luck!)


Dress from Mad Vintage
Bag (old thrift)
Nike Blazer (thrift)

Lipstick : fair pink from ColourPop

photo credits: thanks to Virginie Z !