Sunday, July 02, 2017

Rain on Sunday, sunrise on Monday

Hello Dears,

I hope you are all enjoying a fresh and nice summer. In Paris, it's in fact raining one day and blue sky the next day. But I reckon you'd rather have a look at a light colorful photoshoot, so here it is !
I shot with Thomas Depaepe, whom I haven't seen in a while and it was cool chatting with him.
He, who I haven't seen since my break-up with my longest relationship, should I mention the last time he did saw me I just had lost like 20 kgs: and now I gained like more than 10; I believe.
But enough about my weight in every blogpost (I'm so sorry but that is completely obsessing me I cannot deny) let's speak Love ... Ahaha. Dr Lorna Love; no just kidding.

Although, I have to say that this is a topic which makes me also rain one day and rise the next one...
I'm having personality and mood troubles and it is even more accentuated when I'm in love. The good part for the beloved is that I cannot hide when I'm into you: but the not really enjoyable part is ... well: every other failures from my mind "mis-control". Like I can act really crazy (remember the height level of a girl who is crazy vs is hot: well that's totally it!) and not act like it the next morning or worse not even remember it.
So, my doctors gave me a new med I hope it'll help make me stabilize.
I'll tell you !


Yellow vintage dress from Yvonne & Georgette
Heels from Zara (old)

Suede lipstick from Nyx (12)



Photo credits: Thomas Depaepe

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