Sunday, March 04, 2018


Hello Dears,

Soon soon : ho-li-daysss <3

I 've already been on vacation alone and now it's time for some once more !
 I remember when I was in Barcelona or somewhere else and I'd took some time for myself; I thought at first I'd be bored but after one day of getting used to this... I've really enjoyed! It's like disconnecting with the crazy work routine from Paris.
And the social media ...
Starting to meditate under the sun : I can't wait!
And if this turns out not too be that cool than in my memories;
I figure I'm gonna finish some readings !


Disturbia dress
Dr Martens mini cross socks
Dr Martens 8053 shoes

Lipstick is matte from Sephora and on the eyes : Sweet Peach from Too Faced ✨

Thanks to Karine Lopes for this pictures again <3

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