Friday, September 05, 2014

We called me Alice, but I don't wear blue at all; about my eyes.

Hello Dears !
So sorry I have been quite invisible these days on the blogging web !
well that means I reached a stage where I'm that implied in my blog that I'm feeling guilty not to post too often on what's in and new for me.
Indeed there is a LOADS of new stuff coming in my life now!

I have a new job, I will explain more in details on a specific post I think, but clearly I am taking this new vision of life that I thought I would never cross this path.
I've entered the big family of this brand called H&M! Yes , yes , it's me talking the vintage lover and you're still on the right blog.
But why, when, how and everything I would detail with pleasure all of this.
Because I realized that the more mixity you can bring to your life the more open and wise you get.
So, sorry living-only-for-vintage lovers I might disappoint you on this one. But I'm really happy about what it brings me and I believe it's what only counts.

My summer, wasn't really for the best: because of what you know and also because (even if I reckoned I'm mature enough) I've grown up really quick again this summer,  assuming this new home by myself (that I believe it would be cool to show you a bit , but you can see some lifestyle images on my Instagram though; aka @cherrycrown ) it's a different life.
And my cat is now home ! I'm so glad.
It's weird cause sometimes I thought she didn't like me so I wanted the best for her and kept thinking she has to stay with her other mommy hihi, but well she did really great adapting here it's great.

What I'm wearing?
Dress: from Erin on Etsy
Shoes: old platforms from Zara
Tiki bambou Bag: by Born Bad Retro Clothing
Brooch: Six

Shades from UO

Photo by Izabela Sawicka
Hairstyle by Cherry Crown

Leaving you with a smile xxx


  1. That's awesome, sweetheart! I'm thrilled for you about your new job and that positive changes are afoot in your life. I agree with you entirely about the worth and inspiration to be found in mixing old and new together and do the same in my wardrobe as well, usually using the new pieces to help create old school looks in a style of dressing I've personally termed vintage fusion.

    You're as pretty as a summer's day in this sweet, romantic pink gingham dress - and I beyond that, I can see how happy you look in these photos and it warms my heart.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. COngratulations and this is such a beautiful look on you!

  3. You look awesome!
    Wow so much is going on in your life- congratulations on the job and welcome home cat :)

  4. Stunning! Your hair in particular is just breathtaking, and is such a pretty color. I adore the pink dress also-what a darling color. And your wedges with this add such a cool edge!
    Good luck with your new job-hope it brings many opportunities and adventures your way!

  5. Beautiful! Amazing dress and hair ♥

  6. Stunning photographs, you look so beautiful! Also I adore your tattoos!

  7. Such a gorgeous outfit! Love how you add a bit of spice to the pin up style with your tattoos and the septum :) (Also...Can i have that clutch plssss? ;D)

  8. Tu es splendide!!! Contente que ta vie prenne un nouveau chemin qui t'enchante. A+

  9. Love the pink! And congratulations!

  10. Looove those shades paired with the pretty dress!

  11. Love the dress! Yay for gingham prints!
    I'm a new reader of your blog:3

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!!

  12. The dress is gorgeous~! Pink gingham dresses are so so cute~!
    Good luck with your new job

  13. I am super jealous of your outfit! You are insanely gorgeous! xx


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