Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello Dear Loves !
Here's a little post (maybe one of the last because hey it's autumn now!) all shiny with a bright and colorful dress.
I loved the way we popped into this wonderful place with Gabrielle for the shoot because we were supposed to go to another place else and really WEIRD it disappeared ! Haha.
Things change so fast in Paris, one day you find a nice desert place and the other day there is some asian restaurant which grown there.
But there is still some lovely secret place that I love to find. 

I called the post Paradoxe because if you have seen my lasts grams on IG then you know that I want to experiment new stuff. Of course it goes with my new job (ah just admit I haven't talked about it yet, but anyway it will be more sharp -okay private joke there- to speak of it on the next one); yes indeed I want to wear some jeans what I never use to do, then I want to be more natural. My make up changed also.
I know I am already tattooed, pierced, and that I have a strong personality. I don't want my clothes to speak for me first? I want to be natural and then you get to know and they you'll see what's hidden.
It is a new motto.

I still ADORE this dress though! And pretty much of all my vintage clothes eh! haha

Dress: Kasia from Her Name is Rita (vintage thrift not one of her creation)
Shoes : Stansmith, Adidas
Socks : Topshop

Photo by Gabrielle Malewski
Hairstyle: Cherry Crown

That's all for now folks :)
I'll be contacting soon the previous giveaway winner ...



  1. You look sooo beautiful! I can't get over your hair- those bangs are so fun (and impressive!)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. This is one of the most beautiful dresses ever. The fit and design is very flattering. Love the colour, it is a colour I am loving so much more in recent times.

  3. Love the outfir, it looks so good on you!
    Also, congratulations on your new job!


  4. Beautiful pics!! I love your hairstyle very much... I've tried it in many times but I'm not able!! haha


  5. Great outfit! You look so lovely.

  6. Oh you always look so pretty once again it's perfect and your dress is very pretty!!
    Have a nice week!

  7. This is wonderful! I really love that coral-y pink color and the detailing on the dress just brings out a new level of beauty! Your hair is wonderful here too. I finally figured out how to do bumper bangs the other day and they are so tricky! I'll have to try them with a ponytail like you did here, it looks lovely!

  8. Very pretty Lorna!!! I like the dress and your hair is so impressive! X


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