Thursday, October 02, 2014

I live on the right side, sleep on the left.

Hi Dears, finally Gonna talk about my new job.
I am So delighted to start and begin some kind of new career. I have been very much appreciating my freelance hairstylist lifestyle but I was feeling on the move and thought I should get a more regular task for everyday and earn a salary as everyone.
I find myself pleased because it is not only a "I have to get some money to eat" job it is also creative in one way.
Do you guys heard about the words Visuel Merchandizer before ?
I don't brag to be one yet but I noticed it's something that really appeals me.
When I m doing some saleswoman work and that I'm asked to do something deeper than putting the clothes one after the other; then I'm very happy... It's like styling!
So I am glad, I found myself a new part of creativity that was hidden ... But not really. I think that's already what I have been doing during my photoshoots being so bossy on photographers and wanting the exact thing I had in mind... For real.

For some reason, I always had something against "LA MODE"; and now it opened my mind as simply as hello (i think this expression only works in French, does it haha). Because we focus on the wrong things.
We focus on why do the girls have to be that skinny , why do the designer create some awkward and unwearable stuff and so on. But why we might often forget is that is Art. Whenever you like or not, it will always be.
And about some of the bad focus mentioned upon whilst you put your nose in this you get your answers.
If only I may add one thing around this global negative atmosphere is that; please stop with your "real women have curves" movement... What are real women, and more over who are the fake ones?
Please considerate each girl as a lady, however she is skinny; curvy; tall; petite; tattooed or not; black, yellow ... rainbow if you want! Let everyone be whoever they crave to be, because each person has different desires.

Thus, I will be starting at the (how shall i put it) "upper" H&M store named &Otherstories (I blog post once about it if I recall) in one week. Now...
I'm off to the Barcelona Tattoo Expo this weekend!
So; Spanish Friends come and meet me there !


Dress: COS
Shoes: Adidas Stansmith (old)

Photoshoot by the amazing Batman lover Lucile Perron ;)


and don't forget this weekend to get your hair done in Barcelona xxx


  1. Congratulations for your new job!! :D Yes, I think that a job must be more than a simple job to eat... It must make us enjoy and grow up!!
    I love these pics, they mix naturalness and some homesickness...
    Oooh... I'm from Spain but Barcelona is so far from my city :(


  2. Congratulations with the job! It sounds really wonderful. :D

  3. Congratulations doll, this is wonderful :))) I am happy you found a job that excites you and you get to do some really interesting things and I agree with your words, all women no matter what they look like are real women and all this craziness about what is real and not is crap. Just be yourself and that is best. I really love these pictures, the black and white is perfect. You look stunning as always! I hope you have fun in Spain, I hope to see it one day :))) Enjoy Xxx

  4. What wise words. Your right if we would love people for who they are and not what we want them to be our lives would be much simpler.

  5. Quelles magnifiques photographies ! J'aime tout particulièrement la première et le portrait avec le tag derrière. ^^
    Félicitation pour ton nouveau job :) ça doit être très gratifiant d'avoir un travail où tu peux exprimer ton côté créatif tout en te permettant d'assurer tes fins de mois.

  6. these pictures are very poetic and beautiful :)

  7. you are a beautiful woman with a great opinion!

  8. Wise words and you are looking stunning x

  9. i'm in love with the b/w pics, you're stunning!


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