Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reviewing Benefit and Co.

Hi Dears.
I used this short studio series to show you the importance of "little". No I wont be speaking of something as political as the Save the Bees action haha. Only wanted to démonstrateur that sometimes make up and face clearing could be be efficient with tiny products as long as they're the best!

These are all the little bees who worked on my face ! 
Three brands remains:
I will describe each product to give you more instructions.

To shoot this make up, I am also wearing a dress from:
Collectif Clothing
Which I highly recommend when you wish to buy your first Neo-retro style item!
And a lovely brooch from my friend Jessica Cangiano's etsy platform :

Starting from the left:
Really important to start with this one !
On the evening of a shoot, when I clean up my face I then add some little dots of It's Potent
Right on my black ring. And I leave it for all night long to pose. Then , I feel the ring formed is way less deeper.
You can also find some alternative of the cleaning and leaving-in of the night, by using the Benefiance,
From Shiesiedo as a cleaner and then, leaving the Oil from Kiehl's below, by small touches on the face.
So when you have a cleaned face in the morning it is always easier to put some make up on.

Stay Flawless: Brilliant idea. I am definitely not a fan of CC and BB cream. I found them useless.
But this, this is great. It is soft and not really tainted just enough to put straightly on after applying your everyday moisture cream.
It prepares your skin to receive the foundation, without having a big contrast between the two colours (of course.  You know you have to stay close to your skin natural colour, but sometimes we have such fade natural colour than there is obviously a difference.)
The PoreFessional: okay now, this is clearly Brilliant again. When you wish to have a doll skin this is what you should use BEFORE putting on the foundation. I always feel like my skin had already some digital retouching on !
Both products are from Benefit.

Stay Don't Stray
: I was mentioning my rings earlier, well this is perfect for them. I don't know if you lived this trauma like me before, but my rings under my eyes always wanted to ruin my make up by straying it and 3 hours later you could see it was a bit "old" already. Now this is perfectly smooth and won't stray but stay ;)
To add before the foundation of course.

They're Real: I started to wear mascara really late, I always thought I didn't have the need to wear some. But this. This changed my opinion on it! It really makes my lashes pop off it is incredible.

Et voilà !
I don't often do tutorial or reviewing make up lines, but if you enjoyed it please tell me :)

Hope you're all spending a great summer...
I've been in the South of France to catch a bit of sun rays and it seems like being on a detox cure to heal my broken heart. No wifi, nor TV, nor sometimes phone net working either I've been walking and resting most of the Time.
& you ?


Studio Photoshoot by Miss Lucile Perron

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Chinese Metaphore.

Hello Dears.
This outfit may have nothing to do With China in a way but the elegance of the yellow and black color together and the mix of prints and fabrics I just don't know why but it made me think of some kind of old travel to China in the late 50s.
Naming a circa is always hard not because I don't have any idea, but because I have too many of them ! Haha.
And sometimes people don't see the world as I basically split it in terms of fashion generation. Of course, fashion is something so intense that it is like a circle, but a creative cycle.
You can mix the eras and this is what I love.
Here I really wanted to mix not only eras, but also origins.

We are in Paris, but it is like a lost building owned by China itself. A museum perhaps, I don't know it was closed at the time. But I find it incredible. It is like finding a dinner in Germany !
Which is now, most pretty likely to find I believe.

Hat: Cindy From the Vintage Hat Shop

      Bag: Vintage found on Ebay

Platform shoes : Zara
Tights (old!) but Topshop.

Time after time, I am recovering from my pain, thank you all for your sweet sweet support...
I felt a bit picky and sharp these last days... It matches the last pic ;)


All pictures from Gabrielle Malewski