Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Chinese Metaphore.

Hello Dears.
This outfit may have nothing to do With China in a way but the elegance of the yellow and black color together and the mix of prints and fabrics I just don't know why but it made me think of some kind of old travel to China in the late 50s.
Naming a circa is always hard not because I don't have any idea, but because I have too many of them ! Haha.
And sometimes people don't see the world as I basically split it in terms of fashion generation. Of course, fashion is something so intense that it is like a circle, but a creative cycle.
You can mix the eras and this is what I love.
Here I really wanted to mix not only eras, but also origins.

We are in Paris, but it is like a lost building owned by China itself. A museum perhaps, I don't know it was closed at the time. But I find it incredible. It is like finding a dinner in Germany !
Which is now, most pretty likely to find I believe.

Hat: Cindy From the Vintage Hat Shop

      Bag: Vintage found on Ebay

Platform shoes : Zara
Tights (old!) but Topshop.

Time after time, I am recovering from my pain, thank you all for your sweet sweet support...
I felt a bit picky and sharp these last days... It matches the last pic ;)


All pictures from Gabrielle Malewski


  1. Such a great combination of styles and eras, absolutely love it! I'm really amazed by that dress, I would totally wear it <3


  2. Aaw wow this dress is so adorable, I love the print to bits! Beautiful hair too! You are such a perfect vintage diva! :)

  3. I love outfits that mix eras and origins, and you've done it beautifully here! I'm glad to hear that you're beginning to feel better, stay strong :)


  4. I love this look-- you look gorgeous, and I really dig the mix of a spring/summer dress with a more typically winter hat. It looks just terrific.

    1. Yes There is some mix between the Two season summer and winter you are right indeed ;)

  5. Love the dress! The bag and shoes are so cute, definitely need to get some like those xx


  6. You look gorgeous Lorna, really beautiful - I'm loving your style!
    Thanks for swinging by my site :)

    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  7. Hey lovely,

    You look amazing in these photos (as usual) Wish I had the guts to wear hats...and pull them off like you do!
    Sorry to hear about your pain, must be awful to go through. Just keep your head up high, any woman would be lucky to have you and if you ever feel like talking just drop me an email :)



  8. Amazing turban!!!!
    You are welcome to check out my blog -- http://www.mlleepaulettegirl.com/
    Message me on insta -- insta@mlleepaulettegirl.com

  9. You look so amazing, I love this dress a lot!! Always so stunning you are...loves doll xx

  10. You look sooo beautiful and amazing and awesome that I can't tell you anything more. Love you!

    ☀ http://livrau.blogspot.com/ ☀

  11. Gloriously lovely ensemble! I certainly get why it evokes thoughts of the far east for you. I often associate yellow (and red, and to a lesser extent, orange, too) with various Asian cultures (also with South American countries). I think in part it stems from the abundance of sunshine that certain Asian countries, such as India, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos get.

    Your pale heart tights are so charmingly pretty! There's something rather delightful about the idea of wearing your heart, or in this case, hearts, not on your (proverbial) sleeve, but on your legs.

    Big hugs & the happiest wishes for the second half of July,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Beautiful photography :3
    I love that dress so much - I almost bought it once - but when I went to checkout it had sold out in my size. It looks so gorgeous on you though, yellow looks so nice with your dark hair :)

  13. oh my god, you look like a DREAM in this- the hat totally completed the outfit. you look absolutely stunning :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. You look fantastic. I love you hat

  15. You look awesome lovely!
    Such a beautiful dress.

  16. what a lovely dress & I just love your purse!
    thanks so much for the sweet comment you left me,
    I'm following now :) love back from Belgium! ❤


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