Tuesday, October 11, 2016

La rentrée des classes

I remember when we all went to school and I absolutely had to have this Eastpack Backpack otherwise I was such a looser. Or even those TN sneakers which costed a fortune ! Hahaha.
Anyway I was following the movement back then !
Who said I'm not now ? This look made me smile because when I saw everyone wearing some Thrasher tee-shirt I was like "Oh maybe I'm gonna want one some day" and when I dressed up like I'm skateboarding (of course I suck at it) or even listening to the Blink-182 (I sure am!); I thought : Oh well today all I miss is wearing this new hipster tee-shirt!

So; actually for those who saw the Fjallraven backpack all summer and who are poor like me: this is a good alternative !
Haha not as chic, but very handy for only 14€: THANKS H&M.


Denim jacket Obey
Mad Vintage Thrift Yellow shirt
Skinny jeans from COS (old)
All black Vans

Beanie from Monki
Backpack from H&M (Divided)

Many thanks for the pictures Gabrielle! <3




  1. Such a cool outfit. You do layering like a boss, my dear. Plus, I really must say, this warm, classic shade of fall time perfect yellow is fabulous on you.

    Many hugs & happy October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. you are so beautiful, i feel shy when i look at your beautiful face <3 this look is stunning!
    honey, i would love to invite you to check my brand new blog <3



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