Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Biotyfull Box // September SPOIL UNBOXING

 Hello Dears !

This is totally the kind of post I never do ... And I forgot why , but now it makes sense... I definitely suck in taking pictures.
Anyhoo! I wanted to show you my new Box from Biotyfull Box. I reckon it's only delivered in France but maybe the brands and products could suit you ...

It's all about organic and made in France cosmetics.
I usually don't pay really attention for cosmetics/ hygiene as long as I like the smell, the texture, the colour... But in March I had a real allergy to some stuff I bought in a very big and cheap store
 * cough - Primark- cough *
So I was like okay that's enough I think it's time to use real products like the Ladies do.

My 3 fav from this month box :

 - The serum ; I use it under each make-up now ! It gives you some glow and lightens your skin before foundation : +++

- The body lotion ; I tend to use it each morning but it's quite long to get into your skin. Although I enjoy the scent ! ++

- The face scrub; which I also use every morning in the shower ! It's delicate and have a really milky aspect which is cool for a scrub. The peeling action is not too rough for once !

(My boy watching me do my very boring stuff you know ...)

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