Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello Dear Loves !
Here's a little post (maybe one of the last because hey it's autumn now!) all shiny with a bright and colorful dress.
I loved the way we popped into this wonderful place with Gabrielle for the shoot because we were supposed to go to another place else and really WEIRD it disappeared ! Haha.
Things change so fast in Paris, one day you find a nice desert place and the other day there is some asian restaurant which grown there.
But there is still some lovely secret place that I love to find. 

I called the post Paradoxe because if you have seen my lasts grams on IG then you know that I want to experiment new stuff. Of course it goes with my new job (ah just admit I haven't talked about it yet, but anyway it will be more sharp -okay private joke there- to speak of it on the next one); yes indeed I want to wear some jeans what I never use to do, then I want to be more natural. My make up changed also.
I know I am already tattooed, pierced, and that I have a strong personality. I don't want my clothes to speak for me first? I want to be natural and then you get to know and they you'll see what's hidden.
It is a new motto.

I still ADORE this dress though! And pretty much of all my vintage clothes eh! haha

Dress: Kasia from Her Name is Rita (vintage thrift not one of her creation)
Shoes : Stansmith, Adidas
Socks : Topshop

Photo by Gabrielle Malewski
Hairstyle: Cherry Crown

That's all for now folks :)
I'll be contacting soon the previous giveaway winner ...


Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm coming out of my cage, And I've been doing just fine.

Hello Dears;
Today 's a little and severely cute fascinator is among us, and of course it is one from Jazzafine !
What she creates is pure beauty that I couldn't refuse this collaboration.
I only indicated her, what I love, colors, fruits, stuff like that and she created one just for me , how lucky and glad I was when I received it.
So go on she is so kind she will listen to your desires!
I paired it with a Collectif clothing dress, a brooch from LadyBirdLikes; and my Dior soulier that I love so much.

It was cool meeting the photographer she sent; Dennis, we had a great time in this so touristic area of Paris, and I hope you guys like this series as much as I do!


This lovely pair of earrings! really girly and end of 60s I would say.
To win the earrings from HolyPink  AND a VINTAGE DRESS (surprise!) size UK 8/10:
  • Simply; follow the blog onto the member section;
  • Multiply chances by following the Facebook Page
  • and the Instagram @lornasharpofficial (the name changed!)
  • And of course, let me know afterwards by commenting and giving me your mail address :*

Love, Peace and Smile buddies xxx

Friday, September 05, 2014

We called me Alice, but I don't wear blue at all; about my eyes.

Hello Dears !
So sorry I have been quite invisible these days on the blogging web !
well that means I reached a stage where I'm that implied in my blog that I'm feeling guilty not to post too often on what's in and new for me.
Indeed there is a LOADS of new stuff coming in my life now!

I have a new job, I will explain more in details on a specific post I think, but clearly I am taking this new vision of life that I thought I would never cross this path.
I've entered the big family of this brand called H&M! Yes , yes , it's me talking the vintage lover and you're still on the right blog.
But why, when, how and everything I would detail with pleasure all of this.
Because I realized that the more mixity you can bring to your life the more open and wise you get.
So, sorry living-only-for-vintage lovers I might disappoint you on this one. But I'm really happy about what it brings me and I believe it's what only counts.

My summer, wasn't really for the best: because of what you know and also because (even if I reckoned I'm mature enough) I've grown up really quick again this summer,  assuming this new home by myself (that I believe it would be cool to show you a bit , but you can see some lifestyle images on my Instagram though; aka @cherrycrown ) it's a different life.
And my cat is now home ! I'm so glad.
It's weird cause sometimes I thought she didn't like me so I wanted the best for her and kept thinking she has to stay with her other mommy hihi, but well she did really great adapting here it's great.

What I'm wearing?
Dress: from Erin on Etsy
Shoes: old platforms from Zara
Tiki bambou Bag: by Born Bad Retro Clothing
Brooch: Six

Shades from UO

Photo by Izabela Sawicka
Hairstyle by Cherry Crown

Leaving you with a smile xxx