Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm a post-teen monster.

Hey Dears!
I hope you are all very fine.
I had some up and very few downs, but still they were there. But every time they appear I pinch myself in mind, just to let them go. I don't know why, but I think that when I focus on a positive image that I recently had it gives me strenght.
I know I repeat myself a lot , talking about being positive and all but that kind of helps me a lot.
Also; I definitely had to tell you that the new job is now clearly on the go, and it's awesome. We spent two days brain storming about our role, and job of course, but also positivity. So, you can guess I smiled at my inner me during those talks.

Lace Crop Top: H&M
Trench: H&M
Trousers: Pull&Bear
Zara Creepers Wedges (old co)


This time the photos are due to a lovely time with my friend Mandie Robbie she is very talented if you don't know her go check out her work!

Simple hair/make up/styling by Lorna

Have a very good Halloween everyone and see you next time!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dim Light.

I wrote a lot about my trip to Barcelona, on the social networks (personal Facebook, Facebook page, and of course Insta (@lornasharpofficial ) ) but I have forgotten to do this story telling here. So never too late!
Everything went well on my arrival at the Barcelona Airport, got a taxi to go straight at my hotel where I was supposed to do this check-in very quick as on my other Tattoo Convention trips, I have to set up my booth and get my "avoiding queue" pass so that on Friday everything goes well.
I first have to say that I was again so surprised that the taxi there are so cheap (no one tells them please haha) whilst I was thinking again of that taxi I could have "ordered" to lead me to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and which would have been like more than 150 €...
Then when I saw my hotel; I was so telling myself "Oh Lorna, sometimes you rule." Hahaha.
No seriously , when you entered the doorway it's literally magical because of that "Harry Potter" look of the hotel hall. Well, not as much as one of my fave hotel in Copenhagen but the SB Plaza in Barcelona, was sparkling in my eyes, because of the little tree tronc sort of wood table and comfy velvet couch, plus the massive huge library surrounding the walls.

So, these photos has nothing to do with Barcelona obviously cause taken in France - but it has this little light that I haven't loose during my whole stay here.
I saw a new area from this town (to be honest it was my 3rd trip to Barcelona, and it's curious how it was so different from the others). Not because I was alone this time, but because I was ready to see something new.

I had a very nice Convention, met some a nice team of barbers and even though it was difficult for me to be understood I am so proud of myself that I have done it.
One of the barber team (actually not a barber at all, he was) , made me think twice about what I do and who I am. Because I so often forget that travelling reveals a new "us", and it's true that facing it alone is some kind of proof that I held a lot of strength. I use to think it's normal but most of people don't travel if they're alone. They don't face people who doesn't know a single word of what you're saying. They haven't got this power to assume who they are and to show it to a bunch of crowd totally unknown.
I so often forget that. And I realized I have to be more grateful and proud of who I am , this can only make me (feel) better.
So, if you too feel a bit down and happen to face some hard stuff then just think twice... You're still here right ? I'm pretty sure you do some great stuff which you can be proud of. You just don't notice them yet. But when you'll do then life is gonna be way... simpler.
That's Positive Minded Attitude.
That's my motto.

For this photoshoot with This Little Sweet Hush ;
I wear:

  • an oversized shirt and Mom Jeans from H&M
  • Birkenstock

That's all for now folks!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

I live on the right side, sleep on the left.

Hi Dears, finally Gonna talk about my new job.
I am So delighted to start and begin some kind of new career. I have been very much appreciating my freelance hairstylist lifestyle but I was feeling on the move and thought I should get a more regular task for everyday and earn a salary as everyone.
I find myself pleased because it is not only a "I have to get some money to eat" job it is also creative in one way.
Do you guys heard about the words Visuel Merchandizer before ?
I don't brag to be one yet but I noticed it's something that really appeals me.
When I m doing some saleswoman work and that I'm asked to do something deeper than putting the clothes one after the other; then I'm very happy... It's like styling!
So I am glad, I found myself a new part of creativity that was hidden ... But not really. I think that's already what I have been doing during my photoshoots being so bossy on photographers and wanting the exact thing I had in mind... For real.

For some reason, I always had something against "LA MODE"; and now it opened my mind as simply as hello (i think this expression only works in French, does it haha). Because we focus on the wrong things.
We focus on why do the girls have to be that skinny , why do the designer create some awkward and unwearable stuff and so on. But why we might often forget is that is Art. Whenever you like or not, it will always be.
And about some of the bad focus mentioned upon whilst you put your nose in this you get your answers.
If only I may add one thing around this global negative atmosphere is that; please stop with your "real women have curves" movement... What are real women, and more over who are the fake ones?
Please considerate each girl as a lady, however she is skinny; curvy; tall; petite; tattooed or not; black, yellow ... rainbow if you want! Let everyone be whoever they crave to be, because each person has different desires.

Thus, I will be starting at the (how shall i put it) "upper" H&M store named &Otherstories (I blog post once about it if I recall) in one week. Now...
I'm off to the Barcelona Tattoo Expo this weekend!
So; Spanish Friends come and meet me there !


Dress: COS
Shoes: Adidas Stansmith (old)

Photoshoot by the amazing Batman lover Lucile Perron ;)


and don't forget this weekend to get your hair done in Barcelona xxx