Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hip Hop Dino, and your rap flow groaawws

Hi Dears,
Wow two posts in a row have you seen that before ? I don't think so.
I guess , I'm over creative when I'm alone...
Well that is not always true. But, you know when you're getting bored and you try to do everything you can't when the special one is not there ? Well, I believe half of the time it is true.
Running, hair dye, getting your nails done, singing - then stopping when you realize you cannot do more than two different tones; writing ...
Well yes I admit. I am now a hyperactive person.
Is that a problem after all ?
Nope. Not until ... Until you collapse to speak the truth ! Because now I 'm always tired : it is getting on my nerves you don't even imagine how this is a pain to feel that you're tired all the time.
But you're not stopping to be that active even more.

Remember when I was very awful after my break up ? Well I believe I built a new character and this is a part of it.
I just deal with it for now.

Get the Look
Outfit is:

Mesh top from &Other Stories; 39€
Zara shorts; 29;99€
H&M high knee socks, old- shopped in sale 
Air Force (low) 1'O7 ; special edition Stories

Hip Hop Dinosaurus Lorna by Lara Guffroy ;
Love to you all 


  1. this is SUCH a different look for you and I almost didnt recognize you! I absolutely love it though- your hair was the perfect touch to tie it all together. Gorgeous.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. When I first saw this I wondered if it was you! You look so different but you definitely pull it off. I love the swirl tattoo on your knee and your hair looks great. Love it!

  3. Vraiment pas mal comme tenue, j'aime beaucoup qui te plus te vas très bien :)


  4. Les tresses te vont bien ! ;)



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