Friday, August 28, 2015

Free the N (the nippon inside me, what did you expect)

Helluuu Dears !
No I'm still alive !
It's hard to explain how my life had those up and downs so oftenly these days, but I'm kind of writing on a good day.
Hurray !

My life started to change completely the last few months and now I can definitely say it points onto a brand new direction.
It scares me , I have to admit but I'm sure I will have a lot to tell you about soon. I'm just gonna focus on the good sides today, and announcing that I'm actually a real Parisian now (not a surburb girl anymore!) with this blue look ;)

Oh and yes, the boobs are a bit present I know ... It's my Femen side ;)


Top by H&M
Trousers from &Other Stories
Nike Juvenate ; found them on Stories too!

Black Trench from Monki 

Oh and look ! New Forearm Tattoo by Armelle STB from Chez Mémé Tattoo , Paris

All pictures by Margaux Pastor Photography




  1. Ca fait plaisir de lire de tes nouvelles.
    Ces photos sont super chouettes, j'aime particulièrement ton pantalon ^^

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