Tuesday, September 01, 2015

In bed with a feeling

Hi ;
Told you I was a Parisian now, that's a view from my humble home !

I struggled to find a flat in Paris... At first I thought I would do it the right way, calling all real estates around me and all. Well, guys if you plan to do that , you're going wrong!
They're asking for 3 or 4 times the rent, when you're not even able to make one month with your wage. Oh the real estates ... Whereas :
There is now a huge power coming from the social networks and there are the best way to find what you need , in fact ...
Okay I assume some of you might think : oh not again ; no you cannot find everything on the internet blablabla...
No I know, indeed there are stuff that I hope they will remain "real" (like the joy of finishing a book and not a Kindle... haha let's not enter a new topic here) but still; if you ask where 's the place to be now; well it is in fact on the web.
I found my flatmate through this big F network and I am very glad I did it that way.

I believe , eum no I'm sure, that people can find weird that I am now living a flatshare with a guy; yes me , Lorna who doesn't know a thing about dude right ? haha
Well, I must say it is actually a good and confortable feeling! It's like being in a family. I reckon people who told me that, that it could be weird, that girls should do flatshare with girls only, have only a vision of a heterosexual point of view. But we have no intention of flirting or whatever so ..peace !
On the contrary , I would have been a bit more anxious to live with a girl, perhaps imagining that my words can be misunderstood or simply to behave au naturel, when you always want to be "chic", haha  does it sound completely crazy or does it make sense ?

Anyway, now you learned a bit more about me, I'm again very confused I vanished like this, I know I have not any obligation to write here, but I am a bit disappointed by myself though.
Let's say I was busy.
Promise I'll be open next time, and I'll tell you a bit more. Again.

The white cropped top is from River Island
The dress from Monki
I wear a Kiko lip pencil, and a Too Faced eye shadow.

Images by Camille Girault



  1. great style! ;-))

    i invite to me too


  2. Wouha je suis fasciné par ton style, ton univers & tes yeux sur les photos.
    Tu es vraiment magnifique ♥


  3. Loved your shoot!


  4. Hello !! Je découvre ton blog grâce à un petit commentaire que tu as laissé sur un statut de Jess Ika (FB) et mon dieu que je ne suis pas déçu !! Tu es sublime !! Dommage que je ne comprenne pas un mot d'anglais, mais sinon, tes photos et ton blog sont magnifique !! Je m'abonne direct !!!!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I'd probably rather live with a guy roommate than a girl because guys are so much more easy-going :)


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