Sunday, October 18, 2015

Let me Fall for you

Hello Dears,
I've been missing a total black look right ? Well that's just me; one day white and pure light colors and the other its perfect opposite. But I have to admit... Black it is, damn it; and black it always be.
I learned that it's okay to like the different parts of you, like I learned to like my masculine side in me, it's okay to love and be proud of your very darkest sides too.
I've been trying to hide this, fearing I'll always look too much a goth, too much of a weirdo, too much of a witch.
(can you get why: me posting this , during October/31st Octoberish then haha)
But then what. Your hair looks too black and you cannot wear the lipstick you want?
When will a such rule exists ! Nope, I'll remain me and that is perhaps a very big metaphor for the plenty , and tons of things I would like to share (but can't because otherwise I would be banished from the Internet to let myself such exposed) but I think if you want to start to live your life you have to start doing the tiny things that will give you a smile on your face.

Yes it's 2015 late new school year, and I'm still writing this blog in a casual philosophical energy !

I've been down. Very down. I've seen places I never knew you could have it; in you. It scares me, nd it should scare you too. But I'm willing, willing to try to make it change. I'm trying my loads of different means and of course, this blog is one of the means. A very easy mean, but still. A light one.
I've been also up. I've seen people I wouldn't guess I'll meet. I was full. Full of joy and satisfaction. I want to keep this up. I want to keep the things moving the way they are.

i like it.

Look details:

Top: H&M Divided 14,99€
Jupe: Trangender Capsule Co from &other Stories 65€
Bag: H&M 29,99€ (so cooool to take out with you when you want to go and dance!)
Petites chaussettes en coton bio de chez Hema (j'en deviens folle) 4€
Shoes from old collab with Urban Outfitters

All pictures are from Apolline Durouchoux Photographies. Check out her new websites she's a great girl and own big talents for sure.



  1. Three massive cheers for not only learning to like, but to embrace, the whole spectrum of who you are. That's some thing I've been working on massively in recent years, too - with a decent degree of progress, I'm happy to say.

    These photos are marvelous - as is your outfit. Silver hued jewelry was definitely the way to go here!

    Huge hugs from Canada,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Amazing! I love that your are embracing you! The dark lips with the dark out looks so cool! Also, I'm absolutely obsessing over the color of your eyes!

  3. Coucou,
    Ouah look magnifique et j'aime trop ta belle jupe ♥
    Bisou bisou

  4. stunning pics

  5. Ce blog est une très belle découverte ! j''adore le look sur ces photos super sympa et bravo à la photographe les photos sont superbes :D


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