Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Metal Falls

Hello Dears,

Today is my birthday and Winter is definitely on the way ! I really wanted to shoot one last time those reddish leaves before they vanish ... under some snow hopefully ?
Well, snow in a city like Paris is nothing magical actually it's mainly dirt and mud ... but I'll try not to be too negative.
Speaking of which , I'm hardly joyful these days. For the 34765 nth time I 've been through a sort of separation and I "again" try to hold myself all together !
My weight is my physical mirror for my mental changes it goes up and down and agin up and still down ... I have to go to the doctor (a new one for a new kind of issue) each week because my stress is burning me down as it causes pain physically in all my joints bones.
Good part is that I 'm allowed to have a massage every week ;)


Vintage Jacket from the 80s
Deandri Eleonore dress and Belt

Nyx Metallic suede cream lipstick

 The awesome pair of Jagger from Dr Martens 

Fluffy bag from Primark // Brussels

All pics by Lara Guffroy <3


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