Thursday, December 21, 2017

Historical rocks

Hi Dears,
I hope you all well ! I'm currently under a lot of stress in my work having so many new responsibilities... It's great though ! But I just need some break I believe.
I also learned some stuff that could have torn me down before but now I don't know what's happening to me but I feel like I'm real rock ...
Honestly, I know that I'm sensitive I haven't lost it , I know it's still here. But I don't know; I think  can hold much better than i did. Things slip on me, it's quite unusual this is what is worrying ! 
But actually I don't have to blame it because now my life is easier. I mean: I still miss him but you cannot always chase people who decide to go on the opposite road.
So here I am, trying not to figure what Life is about, closing my eyes on it, letting slip poisoning ideas and facing positivity in my own way.

Speaking of which , I started to practice some yoga-gym-whatever exercices since more than a week now ! And I feel confidence is coming back. Little by Little.


Hair Turban; handmade by Jazzafine
Coat, Dress, Belt; thrift shops
Brooch by Rosegal

I'm also wearing my last uniform season the Leona Boots <3


Pictures by Virginie Z. <3

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