Friday, May 11, 2018

Red Alert (Zaful Must-Have Summer 18)

Hello Dears,

How are you ? I'm such in a weird mood these days... Well I have to stop saying these days cause it's definitely all the time now. I am totally turning antisocial omg ... I cannot stand being surrounded by people more than what I actually really experimented through work. It's just too much to me. I feel like even if I'm working 5 days a week (and come on let's face it I don't have extra hours or stuff like that to complain about) it's just that I feel like I have a very low tolerance of being around people. No matter if I like them or not : I need to be by myself and if I don't I totally freak out.

Am I the only one ? 

After confessing myself on this point, d'you already have everything ready for summer ? 😇

Go check ZAFUL , if not !

Maxi Dress

Here's from some looks !



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