Sunday, April 22, 2018

Metal for Dummies

Hi Dears,

I hope you are well. 3 months without any medication and 1 month veggie (again); I feel such true to myself! It's crazy. I always think it cannot be "better" but hopefully it can !
But it is also hard because I am feeling so emotive now ... And I am truly disgusted by a lot of things in this world which I had literally interrupted in mind , everything came back.
So hm, it's a heavy head these days...

About the look; have you wondered how to look rock like in the easier way ? Well : brands have made it so much easier now ... (Not sure it's a good thing) but I kinda like finding my style no matter which shop I enter sometimes !
Tartan + Perfecto jacket + Rock t-shirt + optional fishnet tights
Bingo !

You can always add a cap or sneakers to street it up ;)


Subdued jacket
Metallica H&M t-shirt
Tartan vintage Gerard Darel skirt
Osmose heels

Zaful small handbag

Thanks to my photographer Lara Guffroy again !


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