Friday, August 17, 2018

Dead Girl

Hello Dears,

Today I won't write the outfit list because ; first it's mainly thrift and second you know the shoes are Vans so no need to make you a link to it ...
I'm becoming a bit disgusted by all the shopping field (fun fact I'm getting promoted and I love working for my brand but still) no seriously but, but the customers, oh god the customers.
That's no problem to me that people are more and more interested in my brand. No the problem, is the whole concept of creating yourself some needs when you definitely don't need those products. And fashion, or even other ranges are highly touched by the commercial aspect, and I know that of course it's understandable nowadays. What I don't get is for the people (the rich ones cause let's face it it's a rich problem if a store doesn't have your size for an item you "crave") to be this connected to fake needs and desires.
I'll stop writing about it cause thinking of it makes me sick.
Yup i said that.


Thanks again to Lara Guffroy for the photoshoot xxx

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