Saturday, July 24, 2021


Hi Dears,

So yesterday I did an unexpected photoshoot with my friend & coworker Ley ( @yeahspics on Instagram) and it was so fun !
I really thank her for that 🔥

Lately I've been approached by this person to do a photoshoot, and unfortunately I had to cancel/postpone twice the photoshoot. First, because of a misunderstanding on the time of the meeting, and the second because I was just not feeling good enough to take pictures at that time.
Doing a photoshoot takes a lot of energy for people with mental health struggles and it should be respected. Even more when you don't know the person so you will have to mask A LOT and be super social and all. So I said no.
First time, it was a super agressive message but I excused her as I didn't know her perhaps she was disappointed etc etc
Little did I know, on the second cancellation, and after a loooong message I sent her to explain my health and what comes with it ( that now I'm way more listening to my feelings just to be in peace) she just answered me with a thumb up ... 👍
Ok sure.
But the third time, I came back to her, said okay this time I'm feeling better, and she responded on a super cold tone "that won't be possible have a good day".

Your bloody PASSIVE AGRESSIVE tone is just killing me/us. 

If you got a problem explain it to us. We (neuroAtypical) don't understand your passive agressive tone like that, your messages which in the end mean something else, ughhhh so tired with that. But we sense things. 
Then I found out this person has unfollowed me on Instagram, no problem I'll do the same I won't be weeping for that. But omg you are soooo easily offended and you act in a way that is not ok AT ALL.

I just can't deal with people living in hypocrisy like that I'd rather be off without them. Having to fight a bit when there's misunderstanding is fine, we cannot agree on everything but in the end wow just let it go... So much ego.

I mean who are you to decide for myself ?

Anyway, hopefully there are people like Ley who doesn't push you and who just let you be yourself.
Having nice pictures is cool, but spending a good time doing them is better.

Outfit :

Dress: Necessary Evil

Blurry pic but I like it 




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