Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa Baby

(French translation underneath )

You may not want to seduce Santa while he comes in the night but you do want to look pretty on Christmas no matter how many food you might eat.
"Cause I'm Happyyy..."
Is the new theme for this Xmas Eve.

Satin is your best friend this winter,

So soft and smooth, choose the best satin dress, there are all prices but I think you might find some really nice one starting at 65€.

This is a Palmaccio dress, the lovely purple is really emphasized with the material.

I reckon I'll wear my Tara Starlet dress for my part, with some gold details and a mermaid shape it really looks good ! Can't wait to shoot this one too.

No much jewelry please

The walls are decorated, the Christmas tree feels a bit heavy you don't want to look like this.

Be simple with the jewels family offered you, last winter or those you may received for you Bday ! You want to look good, but 'Noel' is a family and loving thing , all by being kind with the ones you love. So don't worry everyone could guess you won't wear it after Boxing Day, but we don't care, it's a nice thought.
I remember in mine , my Grandma used to wear earrings red and green typically for Christmas, think she should have received it in the last year stocking, it was a bit kitschy but though so nice and funny for the day !

Enlighten your eyes

They are tones of ideas about make up. This one is about leaving your mouth alone so you'll be okay starting with the hors d oeuvre and the rest.

Use what colour suits you best (if you tried to test a few, after reading my last article!)
This step by step is useful because it shows you the perfect brush for which step ;)

Of course, I may want to have some red on lips cause that's the way I feel pretty...
In this case, I figure I'll use my Kiko Matte lipstick (n.614) it usually stays long, and it s not really expensive about 7€ for it !

Oh and Candy in the Tree !

This year, you can put anything in your tree it won't look stupid , but cool , I swear !

I chose candy personally but you could take whatever you like ...
Maison du Monde does great things... Have a look !


Merry Christmas everyone !

Tu ne veux peut être pas séduire Le Père noel, mais certainement envie de te sentir belle, sans forcément penser à ce que tu mangeras en festoyant.
Vive le Satin !
Le satin est sobre et très élégant, et te fait une belle silhouette lorsque tu prends la coupe qui te va le mieux. Les prix vont et viennent mais tu peux en trouver pour minimum 65€.
Je porte sur la photo une superbe robe de la marque Palmaccio, qui met vraiment en avant le violet. Mais celle que j'ai choisi pour réveillonner sera une Tara Starlet... Que je me garde de shooter pour vous montrer les photos! ;)
Pas de guirlandes et boules de Noël en guise de bijoux, svp
Les murs et le sapin sont déjà blindés , n'allez pas en rajouter...! Ce qui me rappelle lorsque j'étais petite ma grand mère portait souvent des boucles d'oreilles vertes et rouges ...
Disons que c'était kitch mais mignon. Je crois que sa robe devait aussi être rouge.
Non, faites au minimum en les choisissant consciencieusement. Noel est un moment de partage , alors pourquoi pas porter ce que l'on t'a a offert l'hiver dernier ou même à votre anniversaire ... Comme ça, Tante Gertrude ou Papi Roland est content et puis avoués, ça te fait aussi plaisir de les voir heureux.
Ton regard. On peut avoir des tonnes d'idées mais la meilleure est quand même de se focaliser sur les yeux. Comme ça des les hors doeuvres , on est tranquilles.
Bon j'avoue que je craquerais pour un beau rouge ! Mais alors un matte de chez Kiko (aux alentours de 7€, carrément rentable)

Joyeux Noël !

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  1. That dress is a slice of pure fashion heaven on you, dear gal! I adore the endlessly elegant hue and subtle allure of the satin. What a perfect frock for the holiday season - or anytime of the year.

    Have a marvelously merry Christmas!!!
    ♥ Jessica


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